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By Alfred Heubeck, Arie Hoekstra

This second publication of a observation compiled by means of a global crew of students contains an creation discussing prior study at the Odyssey, its relation to the Iliad, the epic dialect, and the transmission of the textual content.

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Ix 325, X I 67): 'nine fathoms'. 313. citm). ~T1JV (dual): an Aeolic shape ionicized; Palmer, in significant other, I Ig; cf. Hoekstra, transformations, 134 (with bibl. ). 314: formulaic; cf. uA67TL8os ... 1r-roMp. ow, Il. xiii 635; three I four b = It. i I sixty five b. 315-16. The Aloidae threaten to hurricane heaven, through piling on Olympus the opposite Thessalian mountains Pelion and Ossa. This turns out to indicate, not like three I three, that the seat of the gods is in heaven, no longer on Olympus. however the Homeric notion is usually a bit obscure; cf. vi 4I-6 at the one hand, and the formulaic i 6l and so forth. at the different. There are accordingly no grounds for supposing the traces spurious, as have a bunch of critics after Aristarchus, incl. Bechtel and Duentzer; cf. van der Valk, Textual feedback, I 89. €lvoaicjlu). ). ov: cf. ix 22 n. Hes. turns out to consult three sixteen in fr. 2 I. I M-W (]~1LPar9[). 317b: cf. iv 668b. 318b, =It. i 36b (Apollo). 319. lou). ou§ (hapax): '(hairs of a) beard'. 320. truKciauL (m! Ka): 'cover thickly'. €uuv&€1 (hapax): 'well sproutMxvn (only as soon as within the Oqyssry) - iovAo<. ing'. 321-5. subsequent keep on with 3 unsatisfied heroines of Attic legend: Phaedra (daughter of Minas, spouse of Theseus, and stepmother of Hippolytus), Procris (daughter of Erechtheus and spouse of Cephalus), and Ariadne g6 BOOK XI 300-328 (another daughter of Minos). Ariadne is the one one whose tale is given, with a connection with her position as helper ofTheseus in Crete; cf. J. Hoog, LfgrE s. v. Wilamowitz, Untersuchungen, 149, thought of the strains to be an Attic interpolation. :J22· oAocJC"povos: cf. X I three 7. 323• youvov (cf. i 193): right here 'acropolis'. 324-5· 1jyE (impf.! ): 'he desired to bring'. O. 'II"O"'JTO: from a7T-OJJ{vap. a<, 'to get pleasure from a revenue from'. Artemis kills the lady at the island ofDia (north of Crete) 'on Dionysus' indictment'. The model of the legend right here presupposed can't be reconstructed, because it used to be later supplanted via one other in accordance with which she grew to become the god's lover at the island ofNaxos (cf. Piu. Thes. 20). 325 is likely one of the few Homeric passages which point out Dionysus (11. vi 132, one hundred thirty five, xiv 325, Od. xxiv seventy four; defined analytically by way of Marzullo, Problema, 93-5), and the one one to offer the god's identify in its Attic shape; Erbse, Beitriige, 173. Myc. di-wo-nu-so-jofDiwon(n)usojo (gen. ) is attested at Pylos. 326-7. The final trio comprises Maera (daughter of Proitus and Anteia), Clymene (wife of Phylacus and mom of lphiclus; cf. 288-91 n. ), and Eriphyle (wife of the prophet Amphiaraus). the following too basically the 3rd personality gets any cognizance: 'she authorized necessary gold for her husband' (on the development cf. Palmer, in better half, 135), i. e. she accredited Polynices' bribe (the well-known necklace) to betray her husband's hiding position and therefore compelled him to participate within the excursion ofthe seven opposed to Thebes, sending him to sure loss of life (cf. xv 246-7). The episode is deliberately positioned final within the catalogue of heroines, partially since it remembers Tyro, Epicaste, and Chloris (Amphiaraus was once Melampus' greatgrandson), but in addition as practise for the assembly with Agamemnon, whose dying was once additionally led to through a arvy£p~ aKo (cf.

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