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By Eran Lupu

This paintings includes components. half I constitutes a advisor to the corpus of Greek sacred legislation and its contents. A dialogue of the heritage of the corpus and the foundations governing its composition is via an in depth overview of its contents, within which the facts is assessed in response to material. half II includes inscriptions released because the overdue Nineteen Sixties from everywhere in the Greek international except for Cos and Asia Minor (checklists for those are appended). The textual content of every inscription is gifted along restorations, epigraphical remark, translation, and a accomplished working remark. lots of the inscriptions are illustrated. the amount should still turn out necessary to students of Greek faith, historians, and epigraphists.

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6Ð9. Cf. lower than no. eleven. those sacriÞcial tariffs are to be exclusive from the Delphic pelanos tariffs, governing cult charges paid through speciÞc towns and their population; see LSS 38 A 25Ð32 (CID I 7); 39 (CID I 8), forty-one. 8Ð12 (CID I 13); cf. CID I 1; for those files cf. above p. thirteen. 298 Cf. established Sacrifices instantly under. 299 mentioned above p. 17. three hundred See observation on 23 A 22 under. 60 half one so much broad sacriÞcial tariff isn't Greek yet Punic. It was once stumbled on in Marseilles and hence got here to be referred to as the Marseilles Tariff; the unique provenance is, even though, most likely Carthage, the place fragments of alternative tariffs have been therefore chanced on. A textual content and a minimalist translation are given in Appendix A less than. For a Latin tariff see the fragmentary inscription from Rome, CIL VI 820 (= ILS 4916). based Sacrifices. The purpose for plenty of of the sacriÞces mentioned up to now is unknown and may differ significantly. however, every one of these sacriÞces appear to have been played at will, on the discretion of these offering them and for his or her personal causes; including an resulting sacriÞcial meal additionally they seem to have constituted a selfcontained occasion. 301 Such sacriÞces are to be amazing from sacriÞces which would were played as wanted or wanted yet which have been required as a degree in reference to a speciÞc cult taskñ for the main half, oracular consultationÑor, not less than, in a series within which a initial sacriÞce preceded a prime one. Such sacriÞces frequently contain, in a single degree or one other, non-blood offerings, as a rule truffles. 302 A fragmentary decree from Lebadeia, LSCG seventy four, surviving in conßicting transcriptions, prescribes the offering of ten tarts (called ε λ ται) along the fee of ten drachmas prior to consulting the oracle of Trophonius. 3, if no longer 4, sacred legislation should be proven to control pre-incubation sacriÞces within the cult of Asclepius. A fourth-century B. C. rfile from Epidaurus, LSS 22,303 doesn't prescribe the sacriÞce yet really the money for goods wanted for the πρ υσις304Ñin all chance a initial sacriÞce offered prior to incubationÑincluding part an obol for Þrewood wanted for the sacriÞce of a suckling animal and an obol for Þrewood for the sacriÞce of a full-grown animal. 305 No. thirteen under from Amphipolis (second 1/2 the fourth century B. C. ) is especially fragmentary and can be taken to manage a variety of sacriÞces in 301 along with the sacriÞcial tariffs simply pointed out, LSCG 114 A is most likely a striking exception (above n. 57). The laconic personality of the records renders the validity of those remark relative. 302 On tarts see lower than observation on 23 B three. 303 extra entire textual content in W. Peek, Inschriften aus dem Asklepieion von Epidauros (AbhLeip 60. 2) 1969, no. 336. 304 See A. B. Petropoulou, ÔProthysis and Altar: A Case Study,Õ in R. ƒtienne and M. Th. le Dinahet (eds. ) L’Espace sacrificiel dans les civilisations méditerranéennes de l’antiquité, Paris, 1991, 25Ð31. 305 Cf. LSS 7 (IG I3 129) envisioning the availability of Þrewood (alongside a money?

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