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This Hellenistic Greek reader is designed for college students who've accomplished a number of years of Greek and want to enhance their analyzing skill and achieve a greater appreciation for the range of Hellenistic Greek. This objective can in simple terms be finished through operating via a range of Greek texts that mirror diversified types, genres, provenances, and reasons. The seventy passages during this reader were prepared into 8 components at the foundation in their point of hassle. each one passage is followed by way of grammatical help and vocabulary lists, in addition to different aids to translation, together with a cumulative word list. The grammatical details is inside the footnotes. The vocabulary lists are comfortably prepared lower than the Greek texts to which they refer. • comprises canonical and non-canonical Christian texts, Septuagint (prose and poetry), Jewish Pseudepigrapha, inscriptions, and Jewish and Hellenistic literary Greek. • contains a internet part with greater than thirty extra readings for school room and self reliant use. • Passages supply a glimpse into the standard lifetime of Hellenistic Greeks, with topics corresponding to sexuality, slavery, magic, apocalypticism, and Hellenistic philosophy.

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Nine λαμβάνω χαράν, “to celebrate. ” 10 Epex. ἵνα (“that”). eleven Rel. pron. 12 ποιέω (time) πρὸς, “to spend (time) with someone. ” 1. 15. Gospel of Peter: The Empty Tomb (Gos. puppy. 8–13) textual content: Paul Foster, The Gospel of Peter: creation, severe version and observation (Leiden: Brill, 2010), 179–195; Bernhard: 56–78 (§§ 2–23); ET: NTA, I, 185–87. comparable Texts: Gos. puppy. 2–7 (§1. 9). 8:28 Συναχθέντες δὲ οἱ γραμματεῖς καὶ Φαρισαῖοι καὶ πρεσβύτεροι πρὸς ἀλλήλους ἀκούσαντες ὅτι ὁ λαὸς ἅπας γογγύζει καὶ κόπτεται τὰ στήθη λέγοντες ὅτι, εἰ τῷ θανάτῳ αὐτοῦ ταῦτα τὰ μέγιστα σημεῖα γέγονεν, ἴδετε ὅτι πόσον δίκαιός ἐστιν. 29 ἐφοβήθησαν οἱ πρεσβύτεροι καὶ ἦλθον πρὸς Πειλᾶτον δεόμενοι αὐτοῦ καὶ λέγοντες· 30 παράδος1 ἡμῖν στρατιώτας, ἵνα φυλάξω τὸ μνῆμα αὐτοῦ ἐπὶ τρεῖς ἡμέρας μήποτε ἐλθόντες οἱ μαθηταὶ αὐτοῦ κλέψωσιν αὐτὸν καὶ ὑπολάβῃ ὁ λαὸς ὅτι ἐκ νεκρῶν ἀνέστη, καὶ ποιήσωσιν ἡμῖν κακά. 31 ὁ δὲ Πειλᾶτος παρέδωκεν αὐτοῖς Πετρώνιον2 τὸν κεντυρίωνα μετὰ στρατιωτῶν φυλάσσειν τὸν τάφον. καὶ σὺν αὐτοῖς ἦλθον πρεσβύτεροι καὶ γραμματεῖς ἐπὶ τὸ μνῆμα. 32 καὶ κυλίσαντες λίθον μέγαν κατὰ τοῦ κεντυρίωνος καὶ τῶν στρατιωτῶν ὁμοῦ πάντες οἱ ὄντες ἐκεῖ ἔθηκαν (it) ἐπὶ τῇ θύρᾳ τοῦ μνήματος. 33 καὶ ἐπέχρισαν ἑπτὰ σφραγῖδας καὶ σκηνὴν ἐκεῖ πήξαντες3 ἐφύλαξαν. 9:34 πρωΐας δὲ ἐπιφώσκοντος τοῦ σαβάτου ἦλθεν ὄχλος ἀπὸ Ἰερουσαλὴμ καὶ τῆς περιχώρου ἵνα ἴδωσι τὸ μνημεῖον ἐσφραγισμένον. 35 τῇ δὲ νυκτὶ4 ᾗ ἐπέφωσκεν ἡ κυριακή,5 φυλασσόντων τῶν στρατιωτῶν6 ἀνὰ δύο δύο7 κατὰ φρουράν, μεγάλη φωνὴ ἐγένετο ἐν τῷ οὐρανῷ. 36 καὶ εἶδον ἀνοιχθέντες τοὺς οὐρανοὺς καὶ δύο ἄνδρας κατελθόντας ἐκεῖθε πολὺ φέγγος ἔχοντας καὶ ἐγγίσαντας τῷ τάφῳ. 37 ὁ δὲ λίθος ἐκεῖνος ὁ βεβλημένος8 ἐπὶ τῇ θύρᾳ ἀ ἑαυτοῦ9 κυλισθεὶς ἐπεχώρησε παρὰ μέρος·10 καὶ ὁ τάφος ἠνοίγη καὶ ἀμφότεροι οἱ νεανίσκοι εἰσῆλθον. Vocabulary ἀμφότεροι, -αι, -α, either, all γογγύζω, bitch γραμματεύς, ὁ, secretary (of an organization, civic council, and so on. ); professional within the Torah, scribe ἐπιφώσκω, turn into sunlight, sunrise ἐπιχρίω, 1aor. ἐπέχρισα: a viscous substance, unfold on, anoint ἐπιχωρέω, stream over/toward; provide a person permission to do anything θύρα, ἡ, door, doorway (of a house); front (of cave/tomb); ἐπὶ θύραις, lit. “at the doorways” (i. e. , forthcoming) κεντυρίων, -ωνος, ὁ, centurion (Lat. loanw. , cf. ἑκατοντάρχης) κόπτω, three. ἔκοψα: to chop; mid. mourn κυλίω, roll anything up/down; mid. roll oneself upon whatever; pour down κυριακός, -ή, -όν, belonging to the Lord, the Lord’s μέγιστος, -η, -ον (superl. of μέγας, μεγάλη, μέγα): most sensible; topmost, most efficient; potent μνῆμα, -ματος, τό, grave, tomb μνημεῖον, τό, grave; sepulchre νεανίσκος, ὁ, a formative years, younger guy; servant ὁμοῦ (adv. ), within the related place/time, jointly πήγνυμι, three. ἔπηξα, 1aor. ptc. πήξας, 6. ἐπάγην: pitch a tent; move. develop into stiff, congealed πόσος, -η, -ον, how nice? how much/many? πρωΐα, ἡ, early morning σημεῖον, τό, an indication, token; a marking (on authorized sacrificial animals); pl. stripes στῆθος, -ους, τό (uncontr. -εος), breast (of either sexes) σφραγίζω, to seal (for a security), to seal by way of impressing a seal with a signet ring σφραγίς, -ῖδος, ἡ, (wax) seal φέγγος, -ους, τό, mild, radiance, flash φρουρά, ἡ, protect accountability, watch; κατὰ φρουράν, “in each watch” φυλάσσω (Att.

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