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By Andrew Lear

This lavishly illustrated e-book brings jointly, for the 1st time, all the alternative ways during which vase-painting portrays or refers to pederasty, from scenes of courtship, foreplay, and intercourse, to scenes of Zeus along with his boy-love Ganymede, to painted inscriptions praising the great thing about boys. The ebook indicates how painters used the language of vase-painting to solid pederasty in an idealizing mild, portraying it as a part of a global during which attractive elite men exhibit praiseworthy attitudes, akin to moderation, and have interaction in authorized actions, similar to searching, athletics, and the symposium. The e-book additionally encompasses a complete catalogue of appropriate vase-paintings, compiled through famous archaeologist Keith DeVries. it's the so much finished remedy on hand of an establishment that has few glossy parallels.

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Five. sixty three Louvre C 11433. Fr. r-f cup, follower of Douris. ARV2 800. 2. A: variety b', competing m? s/b ("money-pouch"). five. sixty four Adria BC forty seven. Fr. r-f cup, follower of Douris. ARV2 803. fifty three. I: guy reaches for fleeing b, who holds lyre. five. sixty five Florence 4219. Fr. r-f cup, sanatorium Painter. ARV2 809. five, Para 420. A: b fleeing, protecting lyre; Eros flying (pursuing a unique b? ). B: style b', m/b (fruit). five. sixty six Boston 08. 487. Fr. r-f cup, hospital Painter. ARV2 809. 6, Add2 291. Eros pursues y or b. five. sixty seven Munich 2669. Fr. r-f cup, Telephos Painter. ARV2818. 26, Add2292. A: Eros crowns making a song y. B: Eros bears leg of meat (type b' present) from status m to y? School-room: writing-tablets. Fig. four. 19. five. sixty eight Nicosia V 414. Fr. r-f cup w/ w-g inside, Boot Painter. ARV2 821. 1. B: kind b', three competing erastai (lyre, h). Heterosexual kind b' courtship on A. five. sixty nine Parma C fifty nine. Fr. r-f cup, Boot Painter. Para 421. 22 bis, Add2 294. A: style b' m? y (leg of meat). five. 70 Vatican. R-f cup, Painter of Louvre G 456. ARV2 825. 17. A: 2 dealing with m/b pairs. five. seventy one Warsaw 142312. R-f cup, Amphitrite Painter. ARV2 830. three, Add2 295. A: style b', competing m and y/b (leg of meat). five. seventy two Philadelphia 31. 19. three. R-f cup, Amphitrite Painter. ARV2 830. 7. A: sort b', y/b (h). five. seventy three Laon 37. 1034. R-f skyphos, Amphitrite Painter. ARV2 832. 32. B/A: kind b', m/b (leg of meat). five. seventy four Paris G 627. R-f cup, Painter of London E a hundred. ARV2 834. three. A: sort b', y/y (lyre). five. seventy five Würzburg 487. R-f cup, Painter of Würzburg 487. ARV2836. 1, Add2295. A: style b', competing Eros and y/b (wreath, "money-pouch"). B: style b', competing Eros and y/y (fruit or astragal). Fig. four. 15. five. seventy six Orvieto. R-f cup, Painter of Würzburg 487. ARV2 836. 2. each side: Erotes flying towards seated y. five. seventy seven Munich 2665. R-f cup, Painter of Würzburg 487. ARV2 836. three. each side: Eros, b, y. five. seventy eight Göttingen J 31 (H ninety nine) and H seventy seven. Fr. r-f cup, Sabouroff Painter. ARV2 839. 39, Para 423. A: variety b', four erastai/b (lyre, tainia). B: related. five. seventy nine Lyons. R-f cup, Sabouroff Painter. ARV2 839. forty two. I: sort b', y/b (wreath). five. eighty Copenhagen, big apple Carlsberg 2715. R-f cup, Sabouroff Painter. ARV2 839. forty four. A: variety b', competing ys/y (lyre). health club: strigil. B and that i comparable. five. eighty one Naples. R-f pelike, Sabouroff Painter. ARV2 843. 138. A/B: style b', y/b (wreath). five. eighty two Bonn 73A. R-f cup, crew of Bonn 73A. ARV2 853. 2, heart. each side: kind b', competing ys/y (tainia). five. eighty three Rome, Villa Giulia. R-f cup, team of Bonn 73A. Para 423 and 425. 2 bis. A: style b', competing ys/y (strigil). five. eighty four Switzerland, deepest assortment. Fr. r-f cup, Cat-and-Dog Painter. ARV2 866. 1, 1673, Para 426, Add2 299. B: kind b', competing erastai (m and m? )/b (f-c). health club: gym-kit. five. eighty five Basel, Cahn assortment HC nine. R-f oinochoe, Painter of Florence 4021. ARV2 874. three, best, Add2 three hundred. Zeus/Ganymede (f-c). five. 86 Laon 37. 1056. R-f cup, Ancona Painter. ARV2 874. four, Add2 three hundred. I: kind b', m/y (h). health club: turning-post, strigil, y's nudity. five. 87 Santa Barbara C sixteen WL fifty five. ARV2 876. four, Para 427. A: 2 variety b' pairs, m/y (aulos-case, lyre). five. 88 Ferrara 9351 (T 212 BVP). R-f cup, Penthesilea Painter.

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