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By Walter Burkert

For the 1st English variation of his wonderful research, Weisheit und Wissenschaft: Studien zu Pythagoras, Philoloas und Platon, Mr. Burkert has commonly revised either textual content and notes, taking into consideration extra literature that has seemed given that 1962.

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The legends are regularly localized in Croton (of which Caulonia used to be a colony) and Metapontum (ch. II 3). Pythagoras is Metapontine to Lycus (? ) ap. Por. vice president five; Brotinus (DK 17. 1), Theano (lam. vice chairman 267, pp. 146. 22 and 132), and Hippasus (DK 18. 1-2) are often from Croton, occasionally from Metapontum. 18 Arist. fr. 191, Aristox. fr. 18, Dicaearchus fr. 34-35 (cf. , for additional fabric, Zeller I 4i7ff; Delatte, Pol. 203ff, Vie 24iff, Levy, Leg. 63fF). In Metapontum, Cicero observed “ Pythagorae ipsum ilium locum, ubi vitam ediderat, sedemque” (Fiit. five. four; this can o f direction be a rediscovery for the convenience o f tourists). in keeping with Porphyry (VP four = FGrHist 566F131), Timaeus spoke o f the home o f Pythagoras in Croton, and a similar file is given, yet with Metapontum because the urban, by means of Favorinus (D. L. eight. 15),Justin (20. four. 18), and Iamblichus (VP 170). Val. Max. eight. 15. 1 is corrupt. it truly is much more likely that Porphyry made an errors (or his resource; cf. Rohde, Q 133. 1; Delatte, Vie 183; Levy, resources fifty four. 1, Leg. sixty five) than that Timaeus purposely substituted Croton for Metapontum (as Jacoby, FGrHist IHb Komm. 551; Jager 2off). 19 Cf. Giannelli, Wuilleumier 469-560. Wilamowitz (Platon II eighty four) had already referred to as cognizance to the faith o f the western Greeks and its reference to Pythagoreanism. 112 2. ancient heritage The prominence o f Aphrodite beside Persephone within the votive pills from Locri20 definitely can't be derived from Pythagoreanism, yet there's not anything distinctively Pythagorean within the well-known gold drugs, both. 21 Pythagoras entered a spiritual global o f a unusual personality, within which Mediterranean, Italic, and pre-Doric, Achaean parts have been amal­ gamated. 22 it's outstanding that simply Croton and Metapontum, one of the south Italian towns, are famous for the worship o f Apollo. There appear to have been rather historical Apollo cults in Metapontum,23 in addition to in Macalla, which belonged to Croton. 24 The proof that Croton used the tripod o f Apollo on its oldest cash (about 550 B. C. ),25 that Caulonia, 20 Quagliati, Ausonia three (1908) 136-234; W . A. Oldfather, Philologus sixty nine (1910) 114-125, RE XIII 1349ft, Delatte, PoL 7; see now H. Priickner, Die Lokrischen Tonreliefs (Mainz 1968), who issues out their reference to the ritual prostitution within the temple o f Aphrodite in Locri (Justin 21. three, Clearchus fr. 43a W. ). the traditional gurus contradict one another at the connection among Locri and Pythagoreanism; Aristoxenus (fr. forty three) calls Zaleucus a Pythagorean, yet Dicaearchus (fr. 34) tells how the Locrians refused Pythagoras admission to the town. On “ Timaeus o f Locri” see above, ch. I four, n. 7. 21 D okay iB 17-21. a brand new pill, o f the fourth century, has been stumbled on at Pharsalus (N. M. Verdelis, Arch. eph. 1950-1951, 98fF). Six o f the entire o f twelve have been present in southern Italy (Petelia, Thurii). it's traditional to name them “ Orphic-Pythagorean” (cf. Nilsson, II 223ff; Ziegler, RE XVIII 1386ft). O n the opposite hand, a few have claimed that they're Pythagorean yet no longer Orphic (H. M. R . Leopold, Melanges d’Archeologie et d’histoire 39 (1921-1922] i7of; Wilamowitz, GldH II 202f; Thomas I30ff; cf.

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