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Stevia rebaudiana is a extraordinary South American plant that has turn into well-known in sure elements of the area as a normal sweetening agent and nutritional complement. Purified extracts of S. rebaudiana were used as sweeteners and style enhancers within the nutrients in Japan for over 1 / 4 of a century, and feature been came across to be as much as three hundred occasions sweeter than sucrose.

This finished quantity presents reports at the botany, ethnobotany, and chemical ingredients of the genus Stevia and examines the chemical synthesis of such compounds as steviol and stevioside. The perceived safeguard of those compounds has develop into a bit arguable lately, and an intensive attention of the pharmacology and organic task is supplied. the ultimate chapters provide a few perception into some of the functions of S. rebaudiana extracts and stevioside in Japan and Korea, the 2 nations with the main wide use of those nutrients ingredients at present.
Containing quite a few modern references, the ebook will attract a large phase of the medical group in any respect degrees, particularly these within the fields of traditional items, pharmacy, pharmacognosy, plant technological know-how, agriculture and the nutrition and drinks undefined.

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