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By T. V. Evans

The trendy rediscovery of the Greek and Latin papyri from Egypt has reworked our wisdom of the traditional international. we can't, besides the fact that, make an analogous declare within the particular region of language research. even supposing vital experiences of the language of the papyri have seemed sporadically during the last century, we're nonetheless dealing this present day with a linguistic source of outstanding richness which has rarely began to be explored. each scrap of papyrus and each ostracon (potsherd) or capsule unearthed has the aptitude to alter a few element of ways we expect concerning the Greek and Latin languages. This booklet show that capability, by way of collecting jointly essays from seventeen students who current numerous views and methodological techniques. The Language of the Papyri charts present instructions of foreign study, and also will offer a stimulus for destiny work.

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