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By John Maynard Smith

Over the historical past of existence there were a number of significant adjustments within the method genetic info is geared up and transmitted from one new release to the subsequent. those transitions contain the foundation of lifestyles itself, the 1st eukaryotic cells, replica via sexual ability, the looks of multicellular vegetation and animals, the emergence of cooperation and of animal societies, and the original language skill of people. This bold e-book presents the 1st unified dialogue of the complete variety of those transitions. The authors spotlight the similarities among various transitions--between the union of replicating molecules to shape chromosomes and of cells to shape multicellular organisms, for example--and convey how knowing one transition sheds gentle on others. They hint a standard subject during the historical past of evolution: after an incredible transition a few entities lose the power to copy independently, changing into in a position to reproduce simply as a part of a bigger entire. The authors examine this development and why choice among entities at a reduce point doesn't disrupt choice at extra advanced degrees. Their clarification contains a compelling conception of the evolution of cooperation in any respect degrees of complexity. Engagingly written and full of a number of illustrations, this ebook may be learn with leisure by way of somebody with an undergraduate education in biology. it's perfect for complicated chat groups on evolution and contains obtainable discussions of a variety of themes, from molecular biology and linguistics to insect societies.

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