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By Sean B. Carroll

DNA proof not just solves crimes―in Sean Carroll's fingers it's going to now finish the Evolution Wars.

DNA, the genetic blueprint of all creatures, is a stunningly wealthy and exact checklist of evolution. each swap or new trait, from the gaudy shades of tropical birds to our colour imaginative and prescient with which we recognize them, is because of alterations in DNA that depart a checklist and will be traced. simply as importantly, the DNA facts has published a number of profound surprises approximately how evolution truly works. 50 black-and-white illustrations and eight pages of colour

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Lake (2004), Nature 431:152. Colobus monkey in Kibale woodland, Uganda. This monkey can see the extra nutritious leaves and digest them as a result of key evolutionary techniques, complete colour imaginative and prescient and a ruminating belly. photo by means of Cagan Sekercioglu. bankruptcy four Making the hot from the previous protect the outdated, yet comprehend the recent. —Chinese proverb it's BREAKFAST TIME IN KIBALE wooded area. excessive above the wooded area ground, a troop of magnificently painted black and white colobus monkeys hurl their manner during the cover towards a clean meal. Surrounded by way of the dense foliage of this Ugandan rain woodland, it's going to look that the menu offerings are unlimited. however the colobus move by means of the ample greenery and set their eyes on crops bearing reddish leaves. the one monkey that lacks thumbs (their identify comes from the Greek kolobus, which means “mutilated” or “docked”), the colobus pull the branches bearing the smooth younger leaves to their mouths with their 4 agile, lengthy hands. decrease down, closer to the wooded area flooring, many of the resident chimpanzees are noisily making their method to a few Natal fig timber. They seize a couple of leaves for chewing, however it is the ripe yellow and pink end result they're after. Eschewing the immature eco-friendly end result, the chimps pluck a number of selection samples and discover a secure perch within sight. The colobus monkeys and the chimpanzees are making a choice on their breakfasts utilizing a feeling that nonprimate mammals lack—full colour imaginative and prescient. All apes and outdated global (African and Asian) monkeys have trichromatic imaginative and prescient, which permits them to determine around the noticeable spectrum from blue to eco-friendly to purple. such a lot different mammals are dichromats—they can see blue and yellow colors yet can't understand or distinguish crimson from eco-friendly. Trichromatic imaginative and prescient is necessary since it is the more youthful leaves which are such a lot nutritious and delicate, and more straightforward to digest. within the tropics, over half all plant species endure younger leaves which are pink. this colour distinction, invisible to different browsers, is exploited by way of primates to reap the extra nutritious leaves within the woodland. The colobus monkey will digest his leaf breakfast utilizing an ability that neither the chimp nor different apes have, and that simply his very closest monkey relations own. The colobus is a ruminant. He can specialize on a nutrition of leaves simply because he has an surprisingly huge belly with a number of chambers. A thirty-pound grownup will devour 4 to 6 kilos of leaves an afternoon, which provides him relatively a reported potbelly while he sits and rests. micro organism within the colobus’s intestine aid to digest the big bolus of leaves because it travels slowly via his digestive approach, and certain enzymes holiday down key nutrition which are published from the micro organism. The visible and digestive structures of those primates bring up one of many maximum questions in biology: How do new services come up? during this bankruptcy, we will discover the methods by which species collect new talents and regulate present abilities. the most message of the bankruptcy should be approximately how new features and genes are made of “old” genes.

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