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By Michel-Antoine Leblanc

Horses have been first domesticated approximately 6,000 years in the past at the huge Eurasian steppe extending from Mongolia to the Carpathian Mountains. but purely within the final twenty years have scientists all started to discover the categorical psychological capacities of those animals. Responding to a surge of curiosity in fields from ethology to comparative psychology and evolutionary biology, Michel-Antoine Leblanc provides an encyclopedic synthesis of medical wisdom approximately equine habit and cognition. The brain of the pony provides specialists and fans alike with an up to date figuring out of the way horses understand, take into consideration, and adapt to their actual and social worlds.

Much of what we know--or imagine we know--about "the intelligence of the pony" derives from fragmentary stories and anecdotal facts. placing this gathered knowledge to the try out, Leblanc introduces readers to rigorous experimental investigations into how horses make feel in their global lower than various stipulations. He describes the anatomical and neurophysiological features of the horse's mind, and gives an evolutionary standpoint through evaluating those positive factors with these of different species. A horseman himself, Leblanc additionally considers the critiques of well known using masters, in addition to controversies surrounding the intense powers of the horse's brain that experience stirred in equestrian and clinical circles.

Although scientists comprehend extra this present day approximately how horses imagine than at any time in our species' lengthy acquaintance with those animals, a lot is still at the hours of darkness. The brain of the Horse brings jointly the present country of equine learn and should most probably stimulate staggering new discoveries.

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