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By David Toomey

Science that appears like technological know-how fiction.

In contemporary years, scientists have hypothesized life-forms which may basically be referred to as "weird": organisms that dwell off acid instead of water, microbes that thrive at temperatures and strain degrees so severe that their mobile buildings may still holiday down, maybe even organisms that reproduce with no DNA. a few of these unusual life-forms, unrelated to all existence we all know, will be within sight: on rock surfaces within the American southwest, hydrothermal vents at the ocean ground, or perhaps in our personal our bodies. a few, stranger nonetheless, may perhaps dwell in Martian permafrost, swim at the hours of darkness oceans of Jupiter's moons, or live on within the unique ices on comets.  Others--the strangest of all--might inhabit the crusts of neutron stars, interstellar nebulae, or maybe different spatial dimensions. 

Weird Life, David Toomey takes us on a panoramic journey of a universe of hypothetical existence, a universe of lifestyles as we do not know it. 

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