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By Bonham Richards

An odd, deadly hemorrhagic disorder is killing housecats in Camarillo, California. Veterinarian Vera Barnett suspects that the affliction originated within the lab of her lover, molecular biologist Noah Chamberlin, who has been investigating a hereditary tom cat sickness at a close-by college. The an infection quickly looks in close by towns and, now not lengthy after, around the globe. Senior epidemiologist Angelo Kraakmo, is assigned to enquire. The reason seems to be a brand new virus. Angelo names the sickness tom cat hemorrhagic fever, FHF for brief. It didn't originate in Camarillo. Newspapers document FHF mortality figures on their entrance pages. Rodentborne illnesses develop into epidemic. Cat-oriented companies endure serious fiscal losses. Vera, Noah and Angelo interact to discover a healing. by the point 80 percentage of the world's cats have perished, scientists query no matter if the species can continue to exist. Will Felis catus turn into extinct? What are the implications of the dying of a species that has lived in detail with people for twelve thousand years? How will the disappearance of our pussycat partners have an effect on the human inhabitants?

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